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Great post.

Im pretty stuck with what I should do with my headlights. My nearside headlight doesnt work on main or dip beam (52 plate jdm ep3 with HID's). Im fairly sure the fault lies with the control box underneath the headlight as swapping the bulbs didnt work and the other side works fine. A new control box is £210 + VAT.

So my choice is;

Swap headlights for facelift lights non HID. this would cost c£300

Swap headlights for normal pre facelift headlight, c£160 + fitment

Buy new control box for my existing lights £210 + fitment

Any advice much appreciated!
Yes I do indeed mean the Ballast. Dont you have to remove the bumper and headlight to gain access to the ballast? How much do you want for yours ill happily take it off you as im 99% sure thats the fault. Feel free to pm me with details and ill have it off you asap :-D

Cheers, Anthony.
well i dunno where yours are mounted. mine personally i have installed in accessible location.

you really need to get to them mate and change the working light one to the faulty side to see if this is definatly the problem. then see if you can place them someone easier to get to and put your bumper back on

pm me if youre interested in a new ballast
Wiring diagram added

Ok you lucky lot, I have done you a wiring diagram with my awesome MSPAINT sk1llz


The colours aren't accurate because I cannot remember what they were and don't own a CTR anymore to check

Basically in the OEM wiring you have 3 wires

1st is a switched live - when you switch the headlights on you get +12v
2nd is a switched earth for main beam - when switch is in main beam this is earthed
3rd is a switched earth for headlights - when not in main beam this is earthed - Not required

Once you've identified these then just follow the diagram.

Please don't listen to the guy saying you don't need a relay, true you can get by without it by bridging the live feed over to the main beam, but then you're running both sets of lights (hi and low beam) off of one circuit and if you've seen the OEM wiring its about 5 amp cable at best. Running both bulbs you're going be drawing 7 or 8 amps.

How it works
When you flick the lights on you get +12v on the switched live
This brings on the headlights and energizes the relay coil so you get +12v to each main beam bulb
When you flick to main beam the tw switched main beam earths complete the circuit and main beam comes on

Don't need to extend the sidelight wire, just pull off the insulation tape, so it goes further. Grab a connector from a scrappy to fit the indicators and pop a couple of spade connectors on the end and plug into old loom.

Easy enough to remove bumper, about four clips along top, then another few underneath, a Phillips screw each corner and a 8mm bolt under each wing.

I located my HIDs under the most forward bolt of the bonnet hinge, nice and secure. Main beams, just wire in a relay to energise dipped beam. I located this relay in the fuse box as there was space and a live feed could be taken from one of the two vacant relay sockets.

these are the HIDs... ... 4939wt_905

buy them in euros and they work out at £37 and are delivered in three days by DHL...they send you a tracking number so you can see there progress.

Then get some bulb holders... ... 323wt_1139 and voila




My dads done it where the relay does not do over to the other side and it works :scratch:

But now i have no side lights or dash lights, changed the fuse and its blew again when turning on side lights.

I need help :???:
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