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Ok there is rust forming on both of my doors, i would advise you all to check your doors asap!!!

see this link for details and pics of other civics with the same problem..... ... doors.html

I went to honda today, they took some photos and told me to go to the honda approved body shop 5 mins away for them to have a look.

the problem, it seems, is the lack of paint thickness(sounds about right being a honda lol) and moisture has got into it and possibly gone down insida the door (however there is no evidence of this)

there are two options it seems:

1) replace both doors, take all my old parts out of the doors (type-r) and stick them into the new door, spray the doors and blend into the bodywork!

This i am not happy with really - because it could be a bad match and its only 1 year old tomorrow! plus the car is mint and i dont want both sides to be resprayed after only 12mths :bad-words:

2)do a local repair, which no one will ever see due to the trim covering everything up. however problem with this is that if it ever comes back(the rust) the the guy said that -that is that and there is nothing else that honda will pay for :oops: :bad-words: :oops: ..... that is awful i think.

So i am left in a bit of a situation, take a risk and protect the cars integrity, or half both sides of the car resprayed, new doors and lots of broken clips where they move all of the parts from the old door to the new one!

the dealer will call me tomorrow, what do you think i should do? also i have only just got the 3rd gear fix done, not happy really. what about asking for some compensation from them. :vconf: :vconf:

Cheers Pete
Composite Guru wrote:Once again, great british build quality!!! The EP3 doors used to rust badly too. :evil:
So did the bonnets. To think you still see rust free 20 year old EF Civics and EE CRXs around :roll:
Checked mine and I have the same early signs.
Frankly I'm in shock. What with the developing rattles and squeaks and now rust within 9 months!

When I bought into Honda I thought I was getting legendary build quality and bullet proof reliabilty. I will watch developments with interest.

FFS, I've got a 4 year old Renault van with no rust or bleedin' rattles.

May be a Jap firm, but I'm starting to believe they are built the typical British car worker. Poor qualtiy control.
EvoStu wrote:
Composite Guru wrote:Once again, great british build quality!!! The EP3 doors used to rust badly too. :evil:
Matt I've had two EP3's and neither of mine had rust on them?

Thats it delete all posts in disagreement. EvoStu's have been fine so that equates to the full production run of the previous generation Civic.

Fair enough I doubt this is a huge problem but I remember seeing a good few posts on this issue with the EP3 so I've no doubt the other models in the range suffered the same. With that in mind you would really think Honda would have resolved a quality issue like this by now. Plus everyone (other than Honda obviously) know how bad the paint is on all the Civics.
Will check mines later, for me this is a far bigger blunder by Honda compared to the Gearbox/handbrake recalls.

No way should cars that are less than 12 months old have this problem, had no problems with my trusty ep3 previously
EvoStu wrote:
Composite Guru wrote:Once again, great british build quality!!! The EP3 doors used to rust badly too. :evil:
Matt I've had two EP3's and neither of mine had rust on them?

Well you probably got a special version then!! :lol:

Most of the EP's that i've informed owners about have had the same rust problems. It's all down to very bad design and poor painting at the factory. Problem areas on most are the seal rail along the top of the door and the join on the back of the door where the door panel is welded to the window frame. All this rust was on both of my CTR's, the facelift car had it from when i picked it up!! :shock:

I will only buy Japan built Hondas from now on as their paint quality is 100x better than Swindons.
I hope this is not a new 3rd gear type thread as some nice moderator will move it to a distant forum so you have to use a search logic i do not share to ever find it :scratch:

Lets hope this one can run where it is and not be hidden from the masses :roll:
Yeah i agree this is where this one should stay, maybe not forever, but at least till its a well-talked about and common knowledge.

Or untill we start getting answers :sleeping: from dealers and HUK /and a broader understanding of how far the problem stretches!

After all i hardly ever check the other sections of the forum, so its safe here!! :lol: i hope :lol: please :vconf:

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