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Due to the increasing number of issues being raised about aftermarket clutches it’s time to highlight the already widely known setting/adjustment procedure necessary to enable them to function correctly.

As a “Specialist” tuner we have been fully aware of the shortfalls in the Honda clutch system for years.
When we fit an aftermarket clutch we make necessary adjustments so that the clutch functions correctly. This isn’t just “made up”, “a load of wotsit” or “crap” this is solid facts that as a specialist we and other tuners are fully aware of.

The information has been available on forums for years and this link details pretty much exactly what the cause of the perceived issues is, the resultant steps necessary to achieve correct operation, and a pretty crude fix.

The above link details a solution of fitting a spacer washer to compensate for the shorter clutch stack length, and increased pedal movement required to fully clear the clutch.
We used to use this method when we found this problem with some Clutch Masters units several years ago along with making necessary pedal adjustments but we have now found that by removing the slave cylinder completely and fully depressing the piston enables you to fully bleed the system correctly which cannot be done with the slave in position due to the design and position of the bleed screw and the reduced throw length needed on the piston and achieve correct setting.

Correctly set these clutches should function correctly. Try making adjustments that you are not fully aware of could well compromise and damage the clutch.
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